What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows

Eventually we'll realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves


Once upon a time a conference banner was I.

Raised up on a wall or stage so high.

I let everyone know why they had come.

As the event ended , my use was done.

Now I have handles and I am carried.

By all small, big, single and married.

My new life, Proudly South African

From useless state

I am reborn

I am Recre8

The Recre8 Way

Taking yesterdays conference branding and turning them into useful products of today

That is the goals of recre8

The events industry in one of the most wasteful industries around and produces tons of “once off” branding

at Recre8 we collect and turn these unusable banners into works of art to be used at conferences again or simply a fashion accessory

The items are hand made in South Africa and will create constant employment